Buckeyes Echo

Wow, what a sweet, good looking well built draft cross gelding we have here. This is Echo, a 5 yr and 15.1 hand tri-colored paint with a wide white blaze on his face and four white legs. He has a beautiful long flowing mane that is not that thick that it is easy to take care of and he enjoys that extra attention whenever you want to spend a little extra time grooming him. He is one of the easiest horses for anyone to ride as he does not need a lot of pressure to go and stops quickly on command. He has a wonderful laid back personality which makes him a complete joy to have around as he is not fussy and does not demand a lot from whoever is taking care of him. He has three great gaits and has a nice smooth canter that you could sit for hours. Echo came into our program and loved learning all that we trained him to do. He knows the tricks and will lay down, is great with the bull whip and you can even shoot a gun off of him. He has been a breeze with whatever we have asked him to do. He also has been on lots of trail rides and gone over all kinds of different terrain. He will walk carefully over logs, go quietly over creeks and streams and does not get worried if the water gets really deep. He has been on the road with traffic and will not get upset with trucks or louder vehicles going past. He has spent time around lots of different farm animals so he is used to anything that you want to show him. He will ride calmly away from the farm alone or hop on the trailer for a weekend get away and come right off the same horse he is at home as he settles right in. He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride him and he is great for the farrier with no issues in the cross ties or stands great single tied as well. Echo has great barn manners and will come running when you call him in from the pasture. He is a great size where he is not so wide but has a great height to take  that leg of a taller rider. He knows his canter leads in the arena and will even pick them up when asked to on the trail. If this is the horse that you have been looking for, please give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm a call @ 330-231-2324.


Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.