Here is a solid sized horse with a good foot under him. Iceman spent his younger years at the same farm since he was a weanling. There he spent his days checking cattle, working calves, checking fence lines and learning the ropes of a good ranch horse. He has lots and lots of time out on the trails and never was bothered by anything new that he came across. He settles in easy, no matter where we take him and he loves to learn new things. He has three very easy to ride gaits and knows his leads well. He has a great neck rein and knows how to move well off of leg pressure. Iceman has the attitude that is great for that first time horseback rider, as he carries himself with a lot of confidence. He will take you down the trail, past obstacles, over bridges and through water without missing a step. You can let him sit for weeks, get him out and he will be the same horse each and every time. He doesn’t mind riding down the road in heavy traffic and has been around all different kinds of farm animals and equipment. Iceman has wonderful barn manners and will stand quiet in cross ties while you groom and tack him up. He also single ties and ground ties just as well. He is wearing shoes all around right now because of the area where we ride. He is good for the farrier and the vet and is also a great horse in the pasture even in a mixed herd. He will be one of the first horses at the gate when you come down to the barn. He loves attention and loves to please, no matter what you ask of him. He can be ridden Western or English and is great to ride bareback and bridleless. With Iceman’s solid mind and athletic ability, he can be taken in numerous directions to suit your needs. If this is the horse that you have been looking for, please contact Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm @ (330)-231-2324.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.