Hands down one of the most willing and quiet trail horses we have ever had in our barn.  Meet Saint, registered name MP Jacks A Saint, a 2015 bay roan AQHA gelding standing a solid 15.3 hands.  He has spent his life going through the mountains and down the roads and loves every minute you can spare to spend with him.  This guy truly has a heart of gold and has been so fun to bring through our program because he is just so smart and unphased by anything new we show him.  We have shot a gun off him, drug things with the rope, cracked the bullwhip off him and he absolutely LOVES to play with our circus ball.  He will push it back and forth with you for hours and will even play with it on his own when left with it.  With his great personality also comes his smooth trot and rocking horse canter.  He carries his head nice and low and does not need to be held in any particular gait.  He stands great to mount from the ground, the mounting block and anything else that you find to climb on with.  He has been trailered to several different places and always acts like he has been there before by riding off without ever looking at anything.  Saint is one that truly fits his name because he IS a saint of a horse.  Any person young or old, and of any level of rider can climb onto this guy and have the ride of a lifetime.  He will take care of his rider and give them the confidence that they may need to regain from a bad experience.  He has the patience to handle any situation and does not need to be in any certain riding program to always be the awesome horse that he is.  He has a great neck rein, moves easily off your leg, has a turn around and backs up no problem.  He knows his leads and can be ridden western or english.  He is a lot of fun to ride bareback and bridleless because of his smooth, easy to sit, gaits.  He has covered miles of trails all over the place and will lead the group, go in the middle and has no problem taking up the rear.  He will ride away from the group without causing a fuss and will go through any type of water and over any bridge and does not blink an eye if there is traffic going down the road.  Saint does great in the arena as well and knows his leads.  He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride and he does awesome for the farrier.  He can be kept outside full time or stalled and does not have any bad habits anywhere.  He can sit for weeks without being ridden and still come out to be ridden the same quiet easy to ride horse he is.  If he is the horse that you have been looking for, please feel free to give Duane of Buckeye Acres Farm a call to learn more about him.  


Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.