The Buckeye Acres Story

Hello, welcome to Buckeye Acre Farm of Millersburg, Ohio. Here what matters to you matters to us. My name is Duane Yoder. I started my journey in the horse industry in 1995 when I purchased my first pony. I spent an entire year devoted to training, riding, and teaching him fun tricks like laying down, sitting, and bowing. I sold him later that year; the feeling of providing a well trained, well behaved, horse was so rewarding that I felt I wanted to continue to share my gift. In 2007, I married my awesome wife Miriam, and we have been blessed with six incredible children (two daughters and four sons) that participate daily with the operation of the farm. What started as myself and a dream has become the full time commitment of my family, and six employees. The opportunity to share our horsemanship has been so rewarding. In kind, we have been so blessed to learn from professional experts and knowledgeable friends that have voluntarily poured into us their invaluable years of knowledge.

Our program has developed, changed, and grown along the way to ensure that we are producing a quality horse that we know we can stand behind. We start by carefully evaluating each horse before purchase. We specialize in Friesians, Gypsy’s, and draft crosses. We also have incredible all around Quarter Horses for performance and leisure.

After selection, we take the horse through our groundwork program to get connected with them as individuals. We take them through obstacles and trail ride them, exposing them to anything they may ever encounter.

Then, we give the horses a break for up to one month. This allows us to see how the training will stick with them. If they come back in the same place they were before the break we know they are ready to move through the rest of the program and become finished Buckeye Acre Farm horses, learning all of the fun crowd pleasing tricks. We feel we have one of the best soundness guarantees in the business, and we will stand behind that.

This has been an awesome journey, and God continues to bless and humble us each and every day. All of us, from our children to our employees, want to provide the best quality horses that you and your families will enjoy for years to come. Over the years we have experienced that the horse market changes, but also that a quality horse is always in high demand. If you see a horse that meets your needs, please reach out to us. I look forward to your call, and to speaking with you personally about your next equine partner. May God bless your day.

~Duane Yoder