Big Red

Now here is one that you do not see everyday. Big Red, a 7 year old, 16.3 hand grade Brabrant gelding that is one cool horse.

He is very well trained to drive, work, and is a lot of fun to ride as well. He has been on lots of trail rides and will go wherever you ask him to go. He will walk, trot and canter and knows his leads.

He has been used a lot in the harness and can be driven single and double and is a good horse to start other horses with.

Big Red has a great personality and loves attention. He is easy to catch in the field and has great manners in his stall. He is wearing shoes all around because of where we go. He is easy to shoe and does not need any special handling for that at all. He will stand in the cross ties and will also travel well on any type of trailer. He will hop right in a trailer and come off the same and not look around or be goofy. He will go down the trail and watch where he puts his feet. He crosses water of any type, creeks, goes over bridges and is quiet in traffic as well.

He is a horse that will take care of any level of rider and you can feel confident to put anyone on him and know that he will safely take them down the trail. He can sit for days or weeks and always come out the same each time. He will stand great by the mounting block (or anything else) for you to get on. He drops his head for you to put the halter on, and has all the patience in the world for anyone that is working with him.

He went through our program without an issue and was a lot of fun to bring along. If this is the horse that you have been looking for, please give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm a call.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.