Wow, what a horse we have here. Bobby never ceases to amaze us with all that we ask him to do. He has the best personality we have ever seen. He absolutely loves people, loves attention, and loves to please you by giving you all that he can give. He is one incredible trail horse, taking you up and down the hills with ease, watching where he puts his feet and making sure to take care of his rider no matter where you ride him. He is safe for any level rider, is not spooky at all, and can be taken out alone or ridden in a group and is always a gentleman no matter where you ride him in the pack. He can be kept out in the pasture and with a mixed herd and will never cause a fuss with any of the other horses. He will come when you call and will be the first to greet you at the gate. He has three very comfortable gaits and knows his leads well. He has great one handed neck rein and will move willingly off of your leg cues. He can go bridless, bareback, or ridden in an English or Western saddle, it makes no difference to him. He has an awesome overstepping walk and a natural uphill canter where he can be taken in any direction that you want to go. He is very athletic and can be taken through the lower levels of dressage or taken further up if you desire. He is a horse that can sit for a day or week and will always be that same amazing horse each and every time you take him out. He does not need to be in any type of a program for you to enjoy working with him. If you are that first time rider, Bobby will take care of you and will have a very forgiving mind. If you are an advanced rider you are going to love his willing, easy to train personality. Not only does he ride the best, he is also equally well trained to drive and is a horse that can train that first time driver as well. We have roped off him, we have taken him on long rides in the mountains and we have used him for our family Sunday drives through the woods. We are really looking forward to speaking with you about Bobby and seeing if he is the horse of your dreams. We know he will not disappoint. For more information please contact Duane Yoder at 330-231-2324.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.