Buckeyes Sally

Meet the SWEETEST safest mare… we call her Sally. Standing at that handy size of 14.1 hands and in the prime of her life at only 5 years old. She is in foal to a beautiful blue roan Gyspy Vanner Stallion for a mid March baby!!! For a two in one package deal. Sally is trained the very best to ride and she knows her leads! And if you want to go on that dream carriage ride, she’s gamed. Whether you are 2 or 90 years old she will take care of you. Sally knows all the tricks and won’t give you a fuss no matter the situation, no matter what you ask of her, she will always do it willingly. She is not marish, and you can turn her out with mares or geldings, and she won’t make a fuss. Sally is the first one to meet you at the gate and as one of the sweetest personalities and will not get upset about anything. She has seen miles and miles of trails and will always stay the same whether you ride her once a month or once a week. Sally as also been ridden English, Western, Bare back and like everything else it doesn’t matter to her. Sally is so SWEET, and to top it all off she has one of the smoothest walk, trot, and canter that there is. If you think that Sally sounds like you’re forever equine partner that you have been looking for, please give Duane at Buckeye Acre Farm a call for more INFO @ 330-231-2324

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.