Wow.. This has to be one of the cutest, sweetest, most reliable sturdy little horses that we have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Buttercup is a 2015 grade quaterpony gelding standing a solid 13.1 hands tall.  This guy has seen it all and has the confidence to take anyone anywhere no matter where you want to go.  He not only rides amazing, but he is as equally as good of a driving pony too.  He loves to give you all he has and will go out of his way to please you.  He has been on overnight moonlight rides with big groups of people, he has seen the different terrain of trails all over the country and never misses a step.  He has been so fun and easy to take through our program that our daughter has done all the work on him herself.  He came from a great family that put a wonderful foundation on him, but it is his wonderful mind that makes him that one in a million horses to have around.  He is a horse that you can know that will always be the same each and every time you get him out.  He does not get upset or worried about anything and will always take care of his rider or handler.  The little children have no problem getting him out and taking him for a walk, just to have a friend around.  He has been around all kinds of different animals on the farm and out in the woods.  He does not get excited about anything and is always up for a new adventure.  He has been roped off of, he has been used to move cows, he has helped pony horses, he has been a sled puller in the winter and he has been a lot of fun for the entire family.  You can ride him with an english saddle, western saddle and even go bareback and bridless.  He has a good neck rein and also direct reins as well.  He has been on the busy roads with heavy traffic and also goes through the woods alone and will cross creeks, rivers, go over any bridge and will lead or follow with no issues.  He has been ridden double and more and does not mind any of the fun things that children do. He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride.  He has all the patience in the world and even though he is a pony height, he is sturdy enough for a small adult too.  If this is the horse that you have been looking for, please give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm LLC a call at 330-231-2324.
Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.