This is a true all around ranch and trail horse. He is a registered AQHA 2013, 14.2 hand gelding. He has spent his life as a trail horse and has gone miles through all different kinds of terrain. He always settles right in wherever we take him and will ride in a group or out alone and does not mind where you ride him in the line up. He has been on overnight trips and tied to the picket line and is a solid safe horse there. He will cross water, go over bridges and is a steady horse even in heavy truck traffic. He has been kept outside and in a stall, and does not have any bad habits no matter where you keep him. He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride him. He has three very nice gaits and will ride easy off your leg and seat pressure. He has a great neck rein and can be ridden in English and western. You can throw a rope off of him and know that he will help you drag whatever you want. He loves attention and will come to you when you call him in from the pasture. This horse is a fantastic horse out on the trail as nothing seems to phase him. He will give you back that confidence that you may have lost and help you to fall back into love with riding again. He is out with a mixed herd and does not seem to get attached to any other horses. If he is the horse that you are looking for, please give Duane Yoder a call at 330-231-2324.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.