This is one incredible Gem of a horse. Dominic is a grade 2018 Gypsy cross gelding that stands 14 hands tall. He will truly fit into any program that you have in your barn. He is a one of a kind sweet soul that will go out of his way all the time to please his rider. He has been ridden by all ages and all levels of riders and he is always the same. He will take you through the woods, over bridges and through water with his brave heart. He not only rides awesome, he is also very well trained to drive too. He can be driven by anyone as well and will go in heavy traffic without any issues. Dominic is a lot of fun and has been so easy to take through our program. He never gets upset about anything new that we show him or teach him. He just goes and does it and loves making you smile with his willing attitude. He is a small but mighty horse that can carry adults as well as children and looks great doing it. He can be let sit for months and taken out for a ride and act like he never missed a day of work. He has three very smooth easy to ride gaits and knows how to neck rein and direct rein as well. You can ride him in an English saddle, a western saddle or just go hop on him in the field and go for a stroll bareback and bridleless. He has been on numerous trail rides and trailered to lots of different places. He comes off the trailer like it is nothing. He will stand perfectly tied to the trailer while you get him ready, spray him with fly spray and tack up and ride right off from there. No maintenance type of horse here. He is wearing shoes right now because of where we ride, but he has also done well barefoot. He stands wonderfully for the farrier and vet and is a true gentleman in the crossties for you to get him ready for your ride. He has been kept in a stall and out in the pasture and does not have any bad habits no matter where we keep him. Dominic is one of the barn favorites because of his size and easy to ride capabilities. We know that we can truly put anyone on him and he will take care of them. If he is the horse that you have been looking for, please give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm a call at 330-231-2324. Dominic will be sold at the Best of Texas Premier Horse Sale on September 8-10.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.