2017 Gypsy Sport Gelding

16.1 HH

I am excited and honored to be presenting HERSHEY’S OSCAR!

He is a registered 2017 gypsy sport horse gelding out of a Gypsy Cob Stallion and a Friesian Sport horse mare. Bo, as we call him, was born and raised here right up the street from us by a good friend of ours. He was brought up and started right for sure.

Bo has one of the sweetest personalities and makes your heart melt when you are working with him and riding him. He absolutely loves to please people and does not have a mean bone in his body. He will watch where you are, to make sure that he does not do anything to hurt you or upset you. He has been hauled to a lot of different places and takes everything in with ease. He not only rides amazing, he also is a fantastic horse to drive either single or double.

It does not matter if you are a first time rider or an experienced rider, Bo will fit right into your program. He has three very smooth, very easy to ride gaits and does great in an indoor arena or an outdoor. Bo has been used in a heavily tourist area where he has been around 100’s of people and never caused any issues at all.

Bo has been a lot of fun to bring through our program and took it all in like he has done it his whole life. He will lay down, ride bridleless, go bareback, ride double, and can go english or western with a great neck rein. We have shot the gun off of him, had balloons, tarps, dogs, farm animals, and ATV’s all around him and he has never once offered to spooky or act silly. He has been on several trail rides and has no issues going out alone right from the farm or trailered to another location. He will go riding in a group and you can lead, go in the middle, or pull up the rear and he will be the same. You can even decide to ride away from the group and he will happily go, without giving you a fuss.

Bo is a great size, and can be ridden by any level of rider. If you are looking for more confidence in your life, this guy would love to help you gain that.

He is our go-to horse for any new rider to the barn as we trust and know that he will be safe and careful out on the trail. He easily goes through water, climbs steep hills at the walk, and will carefully walk down steep hills without rushing. He goes over any bridge, and he is a saint on the road with heavy traffic and big trucks.

Need a horse to train your youngsters? No problem as this guy will give any young horse the confidence and trust that they need to work with you. He was used to start new horses in driving and always put up with a lot from unruly youngsters.

Bo is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride, and he is great for the farrier and the vet. He is an easy keeper and has been kept in a barn and pasture kept with no bad habits and he gets along well with the other horses. We really can not say enough amazing things about this beauty.

Bo will be sold at the Cowgirl Cadillac Auction in Wickenburg AZ on 02/19/2022

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.