Inferno Sixty Sleven


What do you get when you mix class, style, substance, trainability and swagger? You get one beast of a horse named Inferno. Inferno Sixty Slevin is a 2019 14.3 hand gorgeous gelding splashed out with four perfect white socks, beautiful blue eye, and a solid build with feet that match. He is bred in the purple with champions all over his pedigree. He is by the NRHA infamous two million dollar sire Inferno 66 who is out of Snip O Gun whose offspring have earned well over One million in prize money. He is personally out of a champion mare by Nu Chex to Cash another million-dollar sire. Both sides go back to leading cutting sire One gun which makes this gelding one to keep an eye on. With a pedigree like this, he has greatness written all over him. He started his life growing up slow and steady on a ranch working cows, learning the reining patterns, and loving all aspects to being a horse. He has such a sweet, loving, willing attitude that can not be beat and has the looks that will definitely get you noticed where ever you go.. He has the disposition of a saint and will happily take any level rider on his back and be forgiving to their level of knowledge. He came through our program and flew through learning all the tricks, excepting the crack of a bull whip, shot of a gun, lays down, sits up, loves to play with balls, isn’t afraid of anything new that we put him in front of. He can definitely spin, side pass, slide stop, do turn arounds, speeds up and slows down with ease, has a smooth lead change and has a great neck rein with or without a bridle on. He can be ridden English or western and is so fun to ride bareback. Inferno has the smoothest, most comfortable jog you will ever find, even when you ask him to extend out, it is so easy to sit. He knows how to carry himself and picks up his leads well and also has a smooth easy to sit canter. He has been on numerous trail rides all over the place and will go anywhere that you ask him to go. He will take the lead or fall somewhere in the middle or take the rear, he does not mind at all. He will gladly ride away from the group if you choose without causing a fuss. If you have been looking for a horse that will help you regain your confidence then this guy will happily take that job, he has patience, he is fearless, and he absolutely loves attention. He will always be the same horse each time you get him out so that you do not have to wonder if there will be a surprise when you are out riding him. He settles in great anywhere we take him and will ride off like he has been there 100 times before. He has seen all different types of arenas, he has been in deep woods, open plains, crosses creeks and deep water, will ride confidently over any bridge and does not mind to be on the road with big trucks or heavy traffic. If he is the horse that you have been looking for, please feel free to give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm a call @ 330-231-2324 for more INFO on Inferno.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.