Here is Legend, a 2018 16.1 hand registered Friesian Sport Horse Gelding.  He really is a Legend in the making with his cool, laid back personality, and his beautiful head and soft eyes.  He is the type of horse that will be your new best friend.  He was born and raised here in the area and came to our program and went through it all without ever having any issues.  He will take care of the very first time rider no matter how small or big, or how young or old.  He has three very easy to ride gaits and knows his leads well.  He is great with the tarps, whips cracking, other farm animals, farm equipment and is safe to ride in traffic.  Not only is he amazing to ride, he also drives as well.  He can go single or double and was used to rake hay or pull a carriage down the back road for a nice afternoon stroll.  Legend has been trailered to events to showcase the Friesian breed and took the crowd and loud speakers in without any issues.  He does not need to be ridden by a professional to behave wherever you want to take him.  He was ridden on lots of different types of trail rides in different types of terrain.  He can go anywhere in a group or will happily go out alone without spooking or causing a fuss to go back to the barn. He gets along great with any horse in the pasture as he is not the boss horse.  He has great barn manners and will stand quiet in the cross ties, or single tie as well.  He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride and does really well for the farrier.  He trailers well wherever we take him and comes off the trailer just as quiet as he is at home with no warming up to get going for your trail ride.  He will hop right up onto any trailer and stand quiet.  Legend will make you smile when you see him as he will come running when you call if he is out in the pasture.  He loves his person and loves to get all the attention that you want to give.  Out on the trail, he will cross creeks, rivers and go over any type of bridge, and has seen lots of different wildlife while out on the trail..  He has been ridden english, western and is a lot of fun to ride bareback.  He is so easy to be around, you will have a hard time ever finding another one like him.  If this is the horse for you, please give Duane Yoder a call with Buckeye Acre Farm LLC at 330-231-2324. 

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.