Lil Leo

All around horse for anyone in the family to enjoy. He is one that can drive and ride equally as good. Take a look at Leo, a nine year old 14.2 hand Gypsy / Halflinger beautiful red and white paint gelding. With his sturdy size and kind personality he will be a great fit for any type of rider no matter their age. He has such a comfortable, super easy to sit trot that is also easy on the back and will make you look forward to riding him every day. He will go slow and steady, or will easily speed up if asked. He is very simple to ride, knows his canter leads, and will stop right away when asked. He moves very well off your leg and will side pass, turn around, lay down, sit and also has a great steady walk that he will maintain all day on the trail. He also is a lot of fun to hitch up and take for a drive down that old country road. He happily trots down the road and even goes through heavy traffic without being bothered. He has been on and off of a lot of different trailers and every time he comes off the trailer he is the same horse he is at home even at a new location. He rode through different obstacle courses set up at different arenas and was always up for the challenge of seeing new things and putting on a show. Leo has such a kind eye, one that is always looking to please his person. He would never think of doing anything wrong and will put his whole heart into anything you ask him to do. He loves attention and tends to melt the hearts of all who lay eyes on him. He definitely knows all the tricks we teach and you can shoot off him, crack a bullwhip, throw a ball, and feel confident taking him anywhere that you want to go. He is a horse that does not need to be in any certain program to keep up his riding. He will ride off each time a completely safe and happy horse. You can gain your confidence back on this guy and he is one that the children seem to fight over because of how fun and comfortable he is to ride. He has great manners in the barn and does not cause a fuss when out with a herd of horses. He will come running when you call as he is sure to never miss a chance to spend some good quality time with his person. He stands great in the cross ties and does well for the farrier. We currently have shoes all around because of where we ride and drive him. He has been on numerous trail rides in all kinds of different terrain. He will gently cross creeks, go up and down steep hills, cross over bridges and will calmly walk on the side of the road with traffic driving by. He has been so fun to have here as we know we can put anyone on him and they will feel as though he is taking care of them. If Leo is the horse you have been looking for, please give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre farm a call @ 330-231-2324

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.