Friesian Cross Gelding Standing 15.2 hands 5 years old, Bay Nickie is being offered on our own Private Online auction. If you would like to learn more, please visit Wow, one look at him and you are drawn in to his beautiful face. Once on his back, you will be smiling from ear to ear. This boy makes riding a horse seem like a dream come true. He has three beautiful gaits, and will walk, trot and canter with ease. He not only rides western, but he also looks amazing under english tack as well!! He has a natural uphill canter that could take someone into the lower to intermediate levels in dressage. He has a nice neck rein and can easily go bareback and bridless as well. He has an extra bonus as he is also an incredible driving horse for anyone of any level. So if you have always wanted that all around horse, here is your chance. He has been on miles and miles of trails, and will go anywhere that you ask him to go. He crosses bridges, goes through any type of water and has no problem being around traffic. He has been around lots of different farm animals and does not get upset at anything new that he has been presented with. Nickie loves to learn new things and is always one to go out of his way to please his rider. He is a safe horse for anyone of any level and will always be the same no matter how often or how little you get him out to ride him. He does not have any bad habits no matter where we keep him. He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride and he does awesome for the farrier. He stands great in the crossties and you can clip, bath, groom, and tack up without having to deal with anything naughty. He really is that sweet horse that you not only love to look at, but will absolutely love to work with him too. If this is the horse that you have been looking for, please Give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm a call at 330-231-2324.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.