Ollie is a Beautiful 6-year-old bay gelding, standing right at 16 hands. This Beautiful Friesian cross has a striking appearance with his rich bay coat and beautiful black mane and tail, making him quite the eye-catcher. But there is more to Ollie than just his good looks. He is a truly versatile horse, trained in both driving and riding, and comfortable in both English and Western tack. Whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing trail ride, work in the arena, or even hitch him up to a carriage, Ollie is up for the task. He is experienced on state roads and is completely traffic-safe, handling cars and trucks with a calm, unflappable demeanor. Ollie’s adventures do not stop at the roadside. He is confident in water, happily splashing through streams and puddles without a second thought. Tarps and jugs? They’re no big deal for him. He has been exposed to all sorts of obstacles along the trail, and he takes them all in stride with a steady and composed attitude. What really sets Ollie apart is his dependable nature. He is sound and solid, with a relaxed and cooperative disposition that makes him a pleasure to work with. However, due to his size breed and training, Ollie is best suited for a rider who can fully appreciate and utilize his skills. His steady temperament and wide range of abilities are a perfect match for someone with experience looking for a reliable and enjoyable equine companion. Overall, Ollie is a remarkable gelding with a perfect blend of beauty, versatility, and temperament. His easygoing nature and extensive skill set make him an ideal choice for about any rider seeking a trustworthy and capable partner. If you feel like Ollie is the horse that you have been looking for, please feel free to call or text Duane @ 330-231-2324


Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.