Take a look at this solid trail horse. Please meet Ozzie, a 14.1 hand five year old grade quarter horse gelding. He is such a sweet horse that has spent hours and hours on numerous trail rides all over the place. He has been ridden by all different levels of riders and he adjusts himself to whoever is on his back. He is a great dark chestnut color with no white on him at all. He loves children and lets them climb all over his back and takes a few for a ride at the same time. He is truly a safe horse for anyone to ride and he is one that you can feel confident with putting your little children on or letting them take him out and take him out and ride. He is always making sure that he is doing what is asked of him, and all while having that sweet calm, kind eye that will just grab at your heartstrings. Ozzie knows all the tricks like laying down, sitting down and he loves to play a little catch with the big beach ball. He is safe to shoot a gun off of and crack a bullwhip if you want. He is a great chunky build so he will be a great fit for a lot of different types of riders. He has three great gaits, and he does know his leads and will side pass and turn around. He will side pass to any object for you to get on with a lift of your finger and stand quiet while you take your time getting into the saddle. He has been ridden off the farm alone and with other horses and does not cause any type of issues either way. If you want to trailer away, he will hop onto any trailer and come off the same horse and settle in right away without being lounged or worked. He stands tied to the trailer well and will also stand quietly to be groomed in cross ties as well. He is wearing shoes all around right now because of where we ride, but he does have good feet and a nice big foot as well. He has been ridden on rocky terrain, and in deep mud, he crosses creeks and goes through deep rivers. He will happily ride down the side of a busy road and will cross the bridges no matter what they are. IF you need a horse to give you back some of your confidence that you lost, then he is your guy. He will watch where he puts his feet when you go down the trail and he will not lift his head above the horn so that you always feel that he is calm and safe. We feel that you can put anyone of any age on Ozzie and he will take care of them. He definitely does not need to be ridden every day to stay quiet, it is just who he is. If he is the horse that you have been looking for, then please feel free to give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm a call @ 330-231-2324 to learn more about him.


Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.