2018 Draft-Cross Mare

16.1 HH

Phoenix…what dose that remind you of? Warm sunshine!! That’s how easy it is to describe this incredible mare that we call Phoenix.

Phoenix is out of a Friesian X Percheron sire and a Clyde cross mare. Oh so sweet natured and always pleasing attitude, no matter if you are riding or just spending quality time her. She is what we call a smart, quiet, well trained horse.

She was born and raised in Ohio, started correctly, and it is evident each and every time you spend time with her. She is as mellow and as confident as they come.

She has seen miles and miles of trail and a lot of different types of terrain and she handles it all with ease. Whether in a deep creek or crossing shallow water, or going up some rugged hills to crossing logs on the trail and all the way downtown in the bright lights , she never has fuss or a bad day!

Phoenix passed our program with all the right scores to graduate to our “All Star” line up for Cowgirl Cadillac Horse Sale. We are very honored and excited to have her with us. You will never know that she is a mare with her pleasing attitude. You can leave her set for days or even months at a time and she is easy and simple to saddle up and go for a ride.

If you want something just a bit fancy and extra special that nobody else has, we invite you to look at our slice of sunshine we have to offer!! She is always happy to see you, very easy for clipping, bathing, vet and farrier. If you are feeling tired and foggy and need some quality time with a special horse friend that you can always depend on, then you can always depend on the attitude of Phoenix. Don’t worry; just enjoy some of her sunshine attitude.

Then you can go ride 3 smooth gaits. A walk that is so steady and confident, a trot that’s as smooth as silk, and a canter like a hobby horse. We can confidently say you will get off Phoenix feeling refreshed!!

She is UTD on shots and deworming.

Phoenix is truly a special mare and we invite you to come try her!She is going to the Cowgirl Cadillac Horse Sale in Wickenburg AZ

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.