A great all around horse for anyone to ride, drive, love and enjoy. Quincey is a five year old draftcross gelding that stands 14.3 hands tall. He is a lighter boned draft cross with a beautiful grulla colored coat and zebra stripes down his legs and some light feathers around his hooves. He has been a breeze to take through our program as he was raised by a local Amish family that did everything with him so nothing was new for him. He aims to please no matter what you are doing. He loves a good adventure and will look good going wherever you want to take him. He knows how to lay down, sit, is good with the tarps and has had the gun shot off him and the bullwhip cracked. He does drive and has a great trot and is not spooky in traffic and does not shy from anything. He also has been used to go on a lot of different trail rides and ridden by all different levels of riders. He has a great ground covering walk that will march you right down the trail, never having to keep pushing him on. He has a smooth trot and a rocking horse canter. He knows his leads well in the arena and will stop, back up and even has a little turn around. He knows how to side pass and has even had a rope thrown off of him and drug things around. He has been trailered to different locations and comes off the trailer the same horse as he is at home. He is safe for anyone and with his size and bone he will be suitable for a lot of different types of riders no matter the age. He will take care of his rider in any situation and will be one that will give back the confidence to the not so confident rider. Quincy has been through small creeks and deeper water and will walk over any kind of bridge. He will ride off the farm alone and not cause an issue and he will also ride quiet in a large group of horses. He will take the lead of the group keeping a good pace, or you can ride somewhere in the middle or take up the rear. He will ride away from the group if you choose to do so and not be fussy. If you are someone that only rides once in a while, don’t worry because Quincy does not need to be ridden every day to be a perfect gentleman for you. If you do ride him everyday, he will only continue to surprise you with his willing and versatile personality. He will stand quiet in the cross ties and we have single tied him to several different places. He is used to wildlife on the trail and livestock in the barn. He has been around farm equipment and ATV’s and takes anything new with no issues. He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride and he does great for the farrier. He goes out in the pasture and will come when you call. He does not have any bad habits and has been a pure joy to have around. If this is the horse that you have been looking for, please feel free to contact Duane of Buckeye Acre farm @ 330-231-2324 to hear more about him.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.