Did you ever think that a horse could have a true “puppy dog” personality? Well, we sure think we found one. Meet Cherokee River, a seven year old registered draft cross gelding that stands a solid 15.1 hands. This sweet, loving, handsome fella will truly melt your heart with his kind eye and “love to please” personality. He is a beautiful palomino and paint color with a flowing tail and mane. He is a favorite to our youngest daughter because he just wants to follow her around everywhere like a puppy would. He is safe enough to carry her anywhere she wants to go and will walk, trot, canter for her without any help from an adult on the ground. He knows his leads and has one of the most comfortable canters around. He came into our program having experience on the trail and also knowing how to drive. He now has learned all our tricks and will lay down, sit down, and ride anyway you prefer whether it be western, english or just bareback and bridleless. He has become a favorite to our other daughter that loves to jump and he too has learned to love it as well. He will go over small cross rails or logs on the trail and pops his knees right up. He has a willing attitude and will give you his all with whatever you ask him to do. He will go out on the trail alone with no hesitation and will ride comfortably in a group. He can lead or take up the rear and he does not mind to ride away from the group if you choose to. He has gone over several different types of waterways like little creeks, deep rivers and does not mind any of it. He has crossed lots of different bridges and has also been ridden in traffic and does not get bothered by anything. River has been so fun to have around especially if we have a visitor that needs a solid safe mount because they have never ridden before and are afraid of horses. He will take care of anyone. He has great manners in the barn and will stand cross tied for hours with no issue. He is a horse that will fit into any program and be happy doing it. He does not need to be ridden every day to be the same sweet horse that he is. He is just always in a good mood. He drives just as well and has a great steady trot down the road. He stands great to be hitched and at stop signs. He is a great size where he will suit a great variety of different riders. He is wearing shoes all around because of the terrain where we ride. He stands patiently at the mounting block and will side pass over to anything for you to get on. River has proven to be the same horse no matter where we take him and will step willingly onto any trailer. He comes off quiet and happy. If you feel that River is the horse that you have been looking for then please feel free to give Duane Yoder of Buckeye Acre Farm a call @ 330-231-2324 to learn more about him.


Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.