Smoken Willy Frost


Did u say buckskin, beautiful black flowing mane and tail, perfect conformation, wrapped with the sweetest personality and most willing to please attitude?… Meet our boy finely!!!Whether u want to go on a leisurely trail ride or send your kid to town to get an ice cream cone.!! Finley has done it all!!! We have thrown numerous crazy things Finley’s way, and he has taken it all in like an old pro, our little daughter Rebecca who is 5 has put Finley to many a test and he has always passed her expectations and is her go to horse for play dates, trail rides and all the crazy things little girls like to do!! On a typical summer day, you can find Finley grazing out in the pasture… All you have to do is whistle or call his name and he will come to the gate to meet you… Forgot the halter no problem he will follow you without, Just open the gate and he will follow you to the barn… Let him stand there and go into the tack room and get the brushes and the hoof pick as he really likes those deep cleansing cleanings. Next get the saddle and gear and tack him up… When you are ready, he is ready … Step into the saddle (Requires No Warmups or Lunging) and go enjoy your ride … Find a trail any trail as it does not matter to him. You will enjoy it, let us say you come to a rushing creek when you are on that Dream trail ride, and you think (Uh-Oh What Now??) No problem as Finley will drop his head and pick his way through without a fuss… And next comes the steep part it is fine as Finley has done it lots of times… Again, sit back Relax and enjoy the ride. Finley absolutely loves people, hugs, kisses, and loves to be the center of attention!! He has been in our program for over a year and has passed with excellence!! We have loved every minute with Finley and are excited to find him his forever home!!

Finley has the same ground covering walk, silky smooth jog and a canter that makes u want to canter the entire day!!! Whether u ride him once a week or once a month he will always stay safe and Sane!! He has been hauled to many different environments and handles it like a champ!! Finley loves baths and to be brushed and is also a gentleman for the farrier!! Up to date on all shots and deworming. Finley will sell sound and with no vices. For any questions on our amazing equine friend Finley please call Duane at Buckeye Acre Farm @ 330-231-2324

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.