TK Playguns Hawk


If you like them thick and shapely then this is one that you have to take a good look at.  TK Playguns Hawk is a 2017 gray AQHA gelding standing a solid 15.1 hands tall.   He has that true,solid build of a quarter horse that can’t be mistaken when you see him. He has a great walk, jog, and lope and will turn around and work anywhere.  Maverick has been one of the children’s favorites because of his willing and patient personality.  He has seen all areas of a working ranch and has even been roped off of out of the box on the head and heel side.  He will gladly put in a full day’s work checking fences, working cattle and going miles down the trail with your favorite friends.  He definitely has a laid-back temperament and has more “whoa” then go when headed down the trail all day.  He has been on a lot of different trail rides from out west in the mountains to the deep woods and hills of Ohio.  He does not get excited at all when we take him to new places as he settles in with ease.  He loves attention and will drop his head for any of the children to put a halter on him.  He has been kept in a stall and outside full time and does not have any bad habits anywhere we keep him.  He will come right up to you in the pasture and will stand quietly in the cross ties for you to groom and tack.  You can single tie him out anywhere and not worry about him as well.  Maverick was used for a season to hunt coyotes out west so he is very familiar with a gun being shot off him in the open and carrying the harvest.  He does not mind when you ask new things of him as he will give you his all each and every time.  He has also spent some time working in a feedlot moving cattle around and sorting them.  Maverick has three smooth, easy to ride gaits.  He knows his leads and will work in the arena and even do nice circles out in the fields with a nice steady gait that you do not have to hold him in as he knows how to carry himself.  He neck reins well and will side pass, move off of leg pressure well, back up and stop fast when asked with a simple whoa.  He has been ridden western as well as english and has a great back for bareback riding.  He willingly goes brideless as well so jumping on him in the pasture is fun and easy.  There is definitely nothing that upsets Maverick and he knows all the tricks of our program and is a horse that anyone of any level of riding can ride him and get along with him well.  He does not need to be ridden every day to stay consistent in his temperament as he is always just laid back and chill.  He has been ridden in traffic and through all kinds of different water crossings and has even swam with a rider on his back.  If you feel that this is the horse that you have been looking for then please feel free to give Duane of Buckeye Acre Farm a call @ 330-231-2324 to come and meet him.

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.