All dressed up and ready for the ball. Tuxedo is as handsome and as classy as it gets. Buckeyes Tuxedo is a registered four year old Gypsy cross that stands 14 hands tall. His breeding is ¾ gypsy and ¼ Welsh Pony. He is one extra special guy as he is currently owned, was started and fully trained by one of the trainers here on our farm. He truly has that one-of-a-kind personality that does not miss a chance to make you smile. He loves, loves, loves attention and will go way above and beyond what you ask of him. He will mirror his rider when his rider hops off, gets down on all fours, and then pats the ground, Tux will gently and willingly lay right down beside him. When you swing around and kick the ground, Tux will slowly slide his front end up into a sitting position and kindly look over with a look that says “ I can do that better than you” and hold it till you give him the cue to hop up. He loves to play, and will play toss the ball back and forth with you, he will run beside you if you want to do a little liberty work, and he finds it so exciting when you come out to the pasture to see him and take a moment to give him a scratch on his neck or just hop right up onto his back and go for a freeing ride with nothing but your body to guide him. Tux also is trained to drive just as well, and will hold a steady trot going down the road. He does not mind trucks, bikes, ATVS, motorcycles or anything you may encounter on the road. He also has spent a lot of time on the trails and will go anywhere that you ask him to go. He has been in large groups and will lead or fall somewhere in the middle or even take up the rear without causing any issues. He will easily ride away from the group if you want and will also ride just as well on a solo ride if that is your choice. You can ride right from the farm or take him on the trailer and he will come off the same horse and ride around like he does at home. He has seen different wildlife on the trail, been around all kinds of farm animals and will ride the same for the first-time rider as he does the more experienced rider. He is easy to ride and has three balanced gaits. He knows his leads in the arena and will side pass, turn on the haunches, back up, and has a great ground covering walk. You can ride him English, western and has a great back for bareback riding. He is safe for any level of rider and he does not have to be ridden every day to stay safe. He is a great size for all different ages and with his fun, loving attitude, anyone will surely fall in love with him. For more INFO on Tuxedo please feel free to reach out to Duane from Buckeye Acre Farm @ 330-231-2324


Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.