Twix Is being sold at The Great American Ranch And Trail Horse Sale on April 8th.TWIX is one of those horses that when you see him, you will know that dreams do come true. He stands 15 hands and is a 2017 model. He not only has the looks to get you noticed, but he is also easy and fun to ride as well. This boy has been a joy to work with and settled right into our program like he has done it his whole life. He has a smooth, easy to ride walk, trot and canter and will ride just as good in the arena as he does outside. TWIX loves attention and will look for you when you come down to the barn. He is a horse that does not have any bad habits and can be kept inside or outside. We have hauled him to different places and he always settles in without giving us any issues. TWIX has been on lots of trail rides and has been in big groups and does not mind where in the line up you ride him. You can tie him to the picket line, tie him to the trailer or put him in a pen, he is always a gentleman no matter where you keep him overnight. He has seen all kinds of different animals on the farm, in the woods, and has been ridden around farm equipment and does not look at anything that he rides past or sees. He has been ridden right off the farm without any other riders and does not mind going out alone. He will go through water, over bridges, and will go right down a busy road with confidence. You can even go get him out and leave the saddle and bridle in the barn and ride without any equipment to really get the feeling of being “in-tune” with your horse. He responds very well to your seat and leg and has a great neck rein as well. He will easily go english and western interchangeably. He goes slow and steady if you want, or extend it out if you prefer. TWIX is such a sweetheart and loves to please his rider, he will give it his all and not get upset if things are not always the same each day. You do not have to keep him in a program for him to be the same each time you get him out to ride. He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride and does great for the farrier and the vet. He is also current on all shots and deworming. If you have any Questions please call Duane at 330-231-2324

Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.