Classy, Athletic, smooth, sweet, and versatile is what comes to mind when we think of this gorgeous gelding called Wrangler.  He is a solid 15.2 hand five year old Friesian paint horse cross that has been taken through our program and always loves to learn new things.  He was born and raised by a relative to one of the trainers’ wives.  He was started off slow and steady and has been exposed to so many different environments and settles in right away whenever we present him with something new.  He not only rides well, but he also drives exceptional and has a great ground covering trot that will take you right down the road and does not mind heavy traffic, or bicycles, or motorcycles or anything like that.  He will ride English or western and has been willingly going over some small jumps with ease.  He also is a lot of fun to hop on in the pasture with just a rope around his neck to go cantering off into the sunset, bareback and bridleless.  Wrangler is a one of a kind horse, with his striking tri-colored coat and his beautiful, natural way to carry himself.  He has a smooth trot that you can collect or extend at a squeeze of the leg.  He has a lovely uphill canter that has a good drive from behind and will even do a nice lead change as well.  He could definitely do well in any discipline that you would want to finish him in.   He has really taken to liberty training and enjoys that one on one time on the ground with his trainer.  He loves to learn new tricks and will lay down, do a little Spanish walk on the lead, he will sidepass over to a mounting block or fence for you to mount and his favorite may be to play a little “toss the ball” back and forth with you.  Wrangler has a great forward gait at the walk, trot and canter.  He has the endurace to go all day if you want him to and he has loved to show off to a crowd when we would take him to expos.  We have enjoyed using him in the mounted drill team where he performed at several different places and he was ridden in lots of different types of trail rides.  They would include riding off the farm alone and in groups and he has been trailered to different locations in the woods with deep water, bridges, and in some places some pretty heavy traffic. He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride and he does fantastic for the farrier.  He will stand quiet in the cross ties and does not have any bad manners in or out of the barn.  He will come right up to you in the pasture as he has one of those curious minds that wants to see what you are up to.  He will walk into any type of trailer and will come off the same.  IF Wrangler is the horse that  you have been dreaming about, please feel free to give Duane of Buckeye Acre Farm a call.



Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.