Here is the big teddy bear of a horse that everyone is looking for.  Tate is a eleven year old gypsy vanner cross gelding that stands 15.1 hands tall.  He has been with us for a few years and has always loved any attention that we would give him.  He also drives and will go down the road with a nice and steady trot without having to be pushed.  He rides english as well as western and one of his favorites is actually jumping.  While we might not be the most well trained riders to jump, this guy makes us look good.  He will tuck his little knees right up to go over what we put in front of him.  He has such a willing and truly loving personality.  He is curious and will put his nose into your pockets to see if you remembered to bring his treats along for the day.  Tate has three awesome gaits but his canter is one that you will smile ear to ear from when you ask for it.  It is so smooth and relaxing and he is very willing to pick it up when asked.  He knows his leads in the arena and will even give you a little turn around and side pass as well.  He will definitely get you noticed wherever you may go with his gorgeous long mane and little feathers around his feet.  He carries himself well and does not react when we take him to new places and ride.  Tate has been on a lot of different types of trail rides and will go through little creeks without jumping them and will trudge through the deepest of waters.  He crosses bridges and is brave in all situations no matter who is on his back..  We have also shot a gun off him, cracked a bullwhip and even roped and drug the sled with him.  He will gladly sit a few days or a few weeks without being ridden or worked and then come out for a ride and be fantastic.  We have kept him in a stall and out in the pasture and he does not have any bad habits at all.  He is wearing shoes all around because of where we ride and is great for the farrier.  If you feel that this is the horse that you have been looking for then feel free to give Duane of Buckeye Acre Farm a call @ 330-231-2324 to hear more about him. 


Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.