Durango stole the hearts of our children! He is a 1/2 Gypsy and 1/2 Quarter horse cross; Durango is 14.2 hands and is the perfect size and the prettiest Buckskin color you can imagine. Not only is he pretty to look at but definitely trained the absolute best in both English and Western riding and pulling a carriage. He has seen countless miles on the trail and has been downtown. Without batting an eye, he will go down the trail, over logs with ease and crosses rushing water, and will go up and down the mountains without any issue’s. Durango has been ridden by all levels of rider’s and can adjust to whatever your needs are. Whether you are babysitting the kids or taking the grandparents on a leisurely afternoon ride with the carriage, this special dude will get it done. Durango has 3 very comfortable gaits whether you are 4 or 44 you can sit his trot and canter. His walk is so comfortable and confident you want to spend as much time on him as possible. His trot is as smooth as butter and his canter makes you think you are on the back of an eagle floating through the sky. You don’t have to keep him in a steady program to keep him the same. He is always happy to see you and will meet you at the gate. He stands good in the cross ties or will ground tie to be saddled, bathed, or clipped. He is very good with being sprayed with fly spray or the children playing dress up with him. It simply does not matter to him.  He has been trailered to various places and comes off like he’s been there a lot of times. We just cannot find any faults in him, so we invite you to take a look at this stunning dream horse that we call Durango. If you can find a fault please tell us, if not please tell the world that you have a Buckeye Graduate! Durango is UTD on shots and deworming. To learn more about this all star give Duane at Buckeye Acre Farm a call @ (330)231-2324.


Contact Duane at (330) 231-2324 if you have any questions.